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Jim Bradley Speedball

Timber Adjustable Height Proball Unit

Timber Adjustable Height Proball Unit

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High Quality Tasmanian Oak on an Adjustable height frame.

600mm round and option for 30mm thick timber, or 60mm timber.

Introducing our premium timber speedball platform and speedbag, a fusion of elegance and functionality that will elevate your training experience.

Crafted with precision and care, the timber speedball platform showcases the timeless beauty of natural wood while delivering unmatched durability. Its solid construction provides a stable and secure foundation, allowing you to focus on your speed and accuracy with every strike.

Paired with the platform is our high-quality speedbag, designed to deliver lightning-fast rebounds and enhance your reflexes. Made from premium materials, the speedbag offers a responsive and consistent punching experience, ensuring optimal performance during your training sessions.

The adjustable height feature of the platform allows you to customize it to your preferred training level, accommodating athletes of all sizes and skill levels. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional, this platform will meet your needs and enable you to achieve your fitness goals.

Experience the smooth and effortless movement of the speedbag as it glides across the platform, providing a challenging and exhilarating workout. The combination of the timber platform's stability and the speedbag's responsiveness creates the perfect synergy for developing speed, coordination, and agility.

The worlds best Jim Bradley Proball combined with the Thrasher EVO14P swivel.

Price includes 5" x 8" Pro ball Speedbag & EVO14P Thrasher Swivel mounted to a round timber rebound board on an adjustable height platform. Also comes with a standard swivel.

Easily adjust to correct height and tighten locking pin.

This is the top of the range for the free hitter. 

Dimensions: 700D x 600W x 760H

100% Australian Made and Owned

Australian Made Speedball

Shipping Time: 10 Working Days from Confirmation of Order

The rebound board in the video is not available and the ball & swivel don't automatically change colours!


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