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Jim Bradley Speedball

Leather Boxing Bag - Jumbo

Leather Boxing Bag - Jumbo

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The Jumbo Leather bag is a larger diameter bag that provides a bigger hitting surface with the greater weight of the bag providing more stability and lesser bag swing and sway.

Our jumbo Leather range is a premium luxury product and ideal for any environment from commercial or home use. These Jumbo Leather punching/kicking bags are the ideal luxury gift. 

The Jim Bradley Leather Boxing Bags use real Italian leather from cows, as opposed to competitors who use a synthetic man-made leather.

Our bags come in red or black as standard and 3 sizes, 90cm, 120cm or 150cm.

  • 90cm (3ft) Punching Bag (approx 30KG)
  • 120cm (4ft) Punching Bag (approx 35KG)
  • 150cm (5ft) Punching Bag (approx 45KG)

Installation Chain and swivel not included

100% Australian designed and manufactured 

42cm Diameter

We hand pick the leather and it takes  5-7 Working Days to ship the boxing bag. 


Australian Made Leather Boxing Bag - Jumbo

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