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Welcome to Jim Bradley Speedball Australia

For the last 30 years we have been the benchmark for speedballs and punching bags for competitions and gyms around the world. We manufacture and distribute:

    • Punching bags
    • Floor to ceiling bags
    • Speedballs
    • Circuit trees
    • Boxing mitts and gloves
    • Fitness equipment
    • Football equipment
    • Boxing rings
    • And much more!

We are positioned at the top of the market for quality and performance which is hard to distinguish from a picture of a product, the good news is that our products are widely used in gyms around Australia and very affordable!

At Jim Bradley Speedball we firmly believe that we design and manufacture the best equipment of its kind in the world. We hope that the images you see as you look through our site provide you with some idea as to why we make this claim and why our reputation is second to none.

Please feel free to contact us if you need more information regarding our product range.

The Jim Bradley Legacy

Speedball today is used extensively within boxing training and fitness programs throughout the world. However, few of us know that over 50 years ago it was Jim Bradley who developed the speedball as we know know it, and love, today. Originally it was a bigger boxing bag which Jim Bradley reduced in size and adjusted the swivel. The exercise was also reduced from 2 x 30 minute rounds to eventually 6 x 3 minute rounds.

We believe speedball is the ultimate workout.

Learning the skills of speedball is a bit like learning a musical instrument but once you master it you will have the skill for life, hopefully a longer life!

Plus it’s a lot of fun.

Besides shipping speedballs around the world to all the major competitions we also sell a premier range of boxing and fitness products online and through a network of authorised distributors.

If you are a reseller of gym and boxing equipment and have ambitions sell the top of the range products that are made in Australia and designed for world class use then contact us now.

Maybe your sick of cheap imports or just happy to support the last Australian manufacturing company left standing in the fitness and boxing industry, yes we still design and manufacture in Melbourne Australia.

We custom make 90% of our equipment and whilst we aim to ship all of our orders as quickly as possible, we appreciate your understanding that the Shipment Time Guides are there to ensure we deliver the best quality product.

If you need a product we have an "in stock" dropdown list of all the products that we can ship within 24 hours.

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