Jim Bradley's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) answered;

1. How long does my order take to be shipped?

Here at Jim Bradley we strive to get everyone's order out the same day as it being ordered (Before 11am), if it is in stock. Shipping usually takes 3-5 business days with Australia Post for Smaller items, and 1-3 days for bulky items (such as bags/speedball unit).

If your product isn't in stock, then we do require 1-3 business days for leather/tarpaulin products to be made. We also required 5-7 business days for steel products to be made and powdercoated.

Please don't hesitate to get in contact with us if it has been 3 days and you haven't received a tracking number.

2. How do I pump up my Speedball/Proball or Floor to ceiling Ball?

You will need a bike pump and a needle to pump up the bladder that sits in the Ball. Grab the neck of the ball and put the needle into the black valve at the top of the bladder and push it in. If you accidently push the bladder down, undo the zip using the needle or a paperclip, and pull the bladder back up so that the valve is in the centre of the neck.
Pump up the ball gradually until it reaches 3 PSI. 

Another option to know if the ball is pumped up fully or not, is to press to thumbs into the ball, if this can easily be done then you should pump it up some more. Ideally you should be able to push two thumbs less then a centimeter into the ball.

3. How do I know what boxing bag is best for me?

 When deciding on a boxing bag for home, it is best to ask yourself how you plan on training. Some people like heavy bags for hard hitting and no bag swinging workouts, where some people like lighter bags for improved footwork and control. See below our recommendations for a boxing/kickboxing bag for you:

1. Standard 90cm (3ft) or 120cm (4ft) boxing bag is good for people wanting to work on their footwork and controlling their punches.

2. Standard 150cm (5ft) or 180cm (6ft) boxing bag are good for people wanting to incorporate kicking into their workout. 

3. Foam Lined Standard Bags are perfect beginner bags for adults and kids to become accustomed to hitting the bag. They are also great for home/gym use where people want to have a nicer hitting bag as non-foam lined bags can be quite hard.

4. Heavy Bags 90cm (3ft) - 180cm (6ft), are bags that can take a lot more of a beating without swinging as much. They are seen often in commercial gyms or boxing gyms for end of workouts where people want to max out their punches.

5. Heavy Bags with Foam Lining, these boxing bags are perfect for boutique gyms and boxing gyms where training with a boxing bag is for leisure and enjoyment, and don't mind the bag swinging to compensate heavier punches.

4. Are you able to customize gym fitouts and boxing rings to suit our space?

Yes! We can definitely assist you with any customization of our current product lines, or products you have seen elsewhere to suit your space!

Being Australian Made with Skilled Tradesmen, we are able to design and produce any product that you think will improve your space.

5. Is Jim Bradley Australian Made?

Yes, all of our products are 100% Australian Made except our gloves and focus pads. Not only that, all our products that are Australian Made, use material that is also sourced locally. This means when you purchase from Jim Bradley, not only are you supporting our small business, you are supporting multiple other Australian Businesses!