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Jim Bradley Speedball

Leather Floor to Ceiling Balls

Leather Floor to Ceiling Balls

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The Timeless Jim Bradley range of floor/ceiling balls provide the ideal aerobic/reflex work out.  Great to learn shadow boxing.

The handpicked garment leather gives a soft and responsive hit. Uniquely designed to provide a clean hitting surface for any combination of punches.

The Jim Bradley Floor To Ceiling Ball has a variety of sizes. Ranging from our most popular head size 25cm ball for quick sharp movement, to the larger 40cm ball which is ideal size to learn the skills of shadow boxing.

For specific work on Head/Body combination punches, why not try the 20 cm & 30 cm balls as a pair and really put your skills to the test! 

Features Include:
• Soft rubbers
• Height adjustable straps for tension correction

Shipping Time: 3-5 Working Days from Confirmation of Order



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