Collection: Boxing Bag and F2C ball Accessories

At Jim Bradley Speedball, we bring you a meticulously curated collection of boxing bag arms and accessories designed to transform your training sessions into powerful, dynamic experiences.

Explore Jim Bradley Boxing Bag Arms and Accessories:

  1. Versatile Bag Arms for Dynamic Workouts:

    • We do a fixed wall bag arm, or swing away arm for all Boxing Bag shapes and sizes. Built from solid steel, they are made to suit your space and last.
  2. Heavy-Duty Swivels for Fluid Movements:

    • Upgrade your hanging points for a bag or floor to ceiling ball with our heavy-duty swivels, engineered for smooth, fluid movements.
  3. Anchors and Mounts for Secure Installation:

    • Ensure stability and safety during your workouts with our robust anchors and mounts.
    • Easily install your boxing bag with confidence, knowing it's securely anchored, allowing you to focus on your training.

All of the Jim Bradley Boxing Bag and F2C accessories are 100% Australian Made using 100% Australian Steel.