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Jim Bradley Speedball

25cm Leather Speedball

25cm Leather Speedball

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This 25 cm Leather Jim Bradley Speedball is the ideal choice for any athlete wanting to up their game. Handcrafted from premium Italian leather for lasting durability, you can depend on this ball for long-term quality. Perfect for improving speed and intensity in your workouts.

The Speedball is one of the best training aids around in the fitness world and one of the least known. It develops so many aspects of the body that no other training aid can assist with, therefore it has become an essential part of alot of high tier performing athlete's regimes.

The Jim Bradley Speedball is completely different from a boxing speedball as it is lighter and faster with a shorter fitting.

Tested to have the longest lifespan compared to similar products, the Jim Bradley Speedball is the preferred choice of professionals and gym owners around the world.

Tip: To inflate ball you need to disengage the lock on the zip with a piece of wire (paperclip will do)

Fill to 3 psi, and adjust to suit. Should be able to press two thumbs into the ball. 

Shipping Time: 3-5 days from order confirmation.

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Australian Made Speedball

 100% Australian designed and manufactured  

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