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Jim Bradley Speedball

Tarpaulin Boxing Bag

Tarpaulin Boxing Bag

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The Jim Bradley tarpaulin punching bags are designed specifically for boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai. These tarpaulin punching bags are exceptionally durable, built to withstand heavy use in various environments such as Defence Force training facilities, boxing gyms, martial arts facilities, and gymnasiums.

  • The 4ft size is perfect for boxers of all skill levels and strength capacities.
  • For kickboxing and Muay Thai training, the extended 5ft and 6ft sizes are ideal.
  • Each bag comes with a heavy-duty refill lid, making it easy to replenish with ragfill.

Our bags come in red or black as standard and 4 sizes,

  • 90cm (3ft) Punching Bag (approx 25KG)
  • 120cm (4ft) Punching Bag (approx 30KG)
  • 150cm (5ft) Punching Bag (approx 35KG)
  • 180cm (6ft) Punching Bag (approx 40KG)

Installation chain and swivel sold separately 

100% Australian made

Shipping Time: 5-7 Working Days from Confirmation of Order

Australain Made Boxing Bags For Gyms


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