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Jim Bradley Speedball

Circuit Tree - 4 way boxing station for Gyms

Circuit Tree - 4 way boxing station for Gyms

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Another example of Jim Bradley's design and manufacturing expertise, this heavy duty fully portable 4 way station is ideal for gymnasiums and fitness centres and enables the simultaneous use of all stations. As a gym owner this equipment provides the opportunity for an efficient return on capital, with multiple use by gym members.

Suitable for when the space is required for other uses, wheel it away in seconds!

It takes any size of bag up to 180cm, has an adjustable height speedball platform as an option with and is designed in such a way that there is maximum floor space around each station.
The purchaser can choose any combination of the below equipment:
• Four Bags
• 2 Bags, 2 Floor/Ceiling Balls
• 2 Speedballs, 1 Floor/Ceiling Ball, 1 Bag

 Price Quoted is for Circuit Tree Stand, Speedball, 25cm Floor to Ceiling Ball, 1 x 120cm Punching Bag, 1 x 150cm Punching Bag

The circuit tree is 1.6m wide by 1.6m long and 2.5m in height.

100% Australian designed and manufactured

Shipping Time: 10 Working Days from Confirmation of Order

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