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Jim Bradley Speedball

Black Boxing Bag Mitts

Black Boxing Bag Mitts

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The Jim Bradley Deluxe bag mitt.

It is a full grained leather with a  multi-layered foam padding with traditional memory foam providing ultimate  performance. Is a specially contoured design ideal for training and punching  bag or pad work.  The open thumb is designed for comfort. There is a satin nylon hand compartment which keeps the sweat and moisture away.

Caring for all leather products can be achieved by applying a little bit of Vaseline rubbed into the outside of the mitt once a month to keep it sweat resistance for longevity.

PLEASE NOTE: These mitts are on the smaller side for a tighter fit. If you have a larger hand, please get a size larger, or give us a call.


Shipping Time: 3 - 5 Working Days from Confirmation of Order

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