Tarpaulin Punching Bag

by: Jim Bradley

These very durable Tarpaulin punching bags are designed for heavy multi use environments such as Defence Force training facilities, Boxing Gyms and Martial Arts Facilities and Gymnasiums.

No one makes a bag with thicker tarpaulin, and in some cases we are twice as thick as the imported bags.

The longer versions of this punching bag range are also suitable as kick bags. The durability of this bag is such that we are still prepared to provide a 2 year warranty even in heavy usage areas such as those mentioned. The re-enforced circle strap disperses impact forces equally around the circumference of the bag.

We strongly recommend that you use bag gloves when exercising on these punching bags.

Our bags come in red or black as standard and 4 sizes, 80cm, 120cm, 150cm or 180cm.

Installation chain and swivel sold separately 

100% Australian made

33cm Diameter

Do you as a Gym Owner have some questions?

What about our Home Owners out there?

Shipping Time: 5 Working Days from Confirmation of Order 


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