Jim Bradley Floor To Ceiling Balls. Does size matter?

Jim Bradley Floor To Ceiling Balls. Does size matter?

In boxing, floor-to-ceiling balls, also known as double-end bags, come in various sizes to suit different training needs and skill levels. The most common sizes are:


Small Size:

Around 20cm in diameter, suitable for fast, precise punches. These are often used by experienced boxers looking to improve accuracy and timing.


Medium Size:

Approximately 25 to 30cm in diameter, offering a balance between speed and rebound. They are suitable for general training and improving hand-eye coordination.


Large Size:

Usually 40cm or more in diameter, providing a slower, more predictable rebound. These are good for beginners or for practicing power shots and combinations.


The size you choose depends on your training goals, skill level, and personal preference.

Rest Assured, all Jim Bradley Floor to Ceiling Balls are 100% Made In Australia, and made to last years.

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