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Jim Bradley Speedball

Heavy Duty Home Circuit Stand 3 Way Kit Combo

Heavy Duty Home Circuit Stand 3 Way Kit Combo

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The Jim Bradley Heavy Duty home circuit boxing stand is perfect for a complete boxing workout. 

An original Jim Bradley design for gyms is now available for your home with extra stability makes for a far better exercise station. The stand can be bolted down to a concrete floor or stand on any floor.


  • Home Circuit Stand 3 Way Station
  • 25cm Leather Speedball
  • Swivel & Rebound Board
  • Boxing Bag Installation Chain
  • 120 Tarpaulin Foam Lined Punching Bag
  • 25cm Floor to Ceiling Leather Ball
  • Dimensions: 1700L x 1210W x 2700H

Shipping Time:  7-10 Working Days from Confirmation of Order

Australian Made Boxing Equipment

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