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Focus Pads - Leather

by: Jim Bradley

Jim Bradley Focus Pad


The Jim Bradley trainer's pads are an incredible high-tech punching mitt for the professional trainer. It has a gel strike surface plus a multi layered shock absorbing foam that take a pounding with little feeling to the trainer.

An exclusive design allows the trainer a unique rear-hand entry with dual-lock hook and loop wrist attachment that keep's the mitt snug and secure during the most intense training session. A full 6.5cm angled wrist wedge helps  keep the trainer's hand in an ideal and perfect position with added comfort a large rubber palm ball inside let's the trainer grip the mitt's firmly and comfortably with the added shock-absorption. 

A padded rear finger cover affords added protection while the integrated air release vent's let air flow in and out for a cooler and dryer workout.

The Jim Bradley trainer pad will take your training to the next level of success and satisfaction.

Watch our  video to find out more about our focus pads

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