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Jim Bradley Speedball

Floor to Ceiling Wall Arm Combo

Floor to Ceiling Wall Arm Combo

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Attention Jim Bradley Speedballers

Purchase our top of the range, floor 2 ceiling kit that can be bolted to your current speedball setup.

We have sold thousands of speedball units throughout Australia  and now you can add the ball arm & ball kit and get into some "double ended" bag work.

If your working out in a tight area, then this could be the solution for you.

Add our Made in Aussie Leather Floor 2 Ceiling ball kit to your existing speedball frame.


  • 25cm Leather Floor 2 Ceiling Ball
  • Gym quality Floor 2 Ceiling Ball Wall Arm - mount to speedball frame
  • Disc Weight hook (weight not included)
  • Spare Bladder


Shipping Time: 7-10 Working Days from Confirmation of Order

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