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Jumbo Tarpaulin Foam Lined Bag (Heavy Bag)

Jumbo Tarpaulin Foam Lined Bag (Heavy Bag)

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The Jumbo Foam Lined bag range is our premium bag and perfect for gyms. A heavy bag with the additional weight meaning there is less sway or swing when the bag is kicked or punched.

The 40mm foam lining is dense, but soft at the same time. This allows for a better hitting surface and less wear and tear on the joints. You can hit this bag for hours on end and have no sore wrists.

The consistency of firmness and shape make it ideal for the kicker as  non foam lined bags have a tendency to get too hard at the bottom and cave in at the top, making it difficult for kickers to apply a consistent technique.

Our bags come in red or black as standard and 4 sizes, 90cm, 120cm, 150cm or 180cm.

  • 90cm (3ft) Punching Bag (approx 30KG)
  • 120cm (4ft) Punching Bag (approx 40KG)
  • 150cm (5ft) Punching Bag (approx 50KG)
  • 180cm (6ft) Punching Bag (approx 60KG)

Installation chain and swivel not included

Shipping Time: 7-10 Working Days from Confirmation of Order 

Australain Made Heavy Boxing Bags

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