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Complete Pro Ball unit

by: Jim Bradley

Collections: Speedballs

Type: Speedball & Accessories

This unit is the ultimate Pro Ball exercise package, suitable for any home or gymnasium. The unit comprises the following products, all advanced designs, and all Australian made and manufactured :

25cm Wall Frame

25cm Leather Pro Ball 

Polycarbon Swivel


25mm square tube frame spaced at 350mm centre to centre

Rebound board 480mm wide & 540mm long. 32mm thick


The bottom of your proball should be leveled with your nose. To mounted the wall frame, we recommend you use  10mm by 75mm dynabolts. It is a good idea to then mark the holes on the wall and drill them. There is no fixed height recommendation for the Proball Wall Frame, it will depend son the height of the individual using it.

If there is more than one user, we recommend installing to suit the height of the tallest person and use a Step Up Block  for anyone smaller.

Tips & Tricks PDF 

Tip: To inflate ball you need to disengage the lock on the zip with a piece of wire (paperclip will do)

Shipping Time: 5-7 Working Days from Confirmation of Order

Australian Made Speedballs

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