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Jim Bradley receive many calls & queries about general fitness and how to choose products and fitness program. So in response we have created a an interactive page to assist you making your decisions. Also we have included some general information and some fun stuff for you to watch. 



 The Easy Way To Speed Ball (credits to Jeff Thraser)



How do I attach my bag?

Which bags are best for you at home?

Check out our range of Custom made bags!

Which bags are best for your gym?

Check out our handy, space saving, sliding bag rails!

Which Speedball is right for you?

When the going gets tough...

Speedball Frames

Spar Gloves Vs Bag Gloves

Boxing Gloves

Weighted Spar Gloves

Sparring Gloves

Spar Gloves: Full Video

Glove Accessories

Focus Pads

Which Floor to Ceiling Ball is right for you

Floor to Ceiling Ball Attachments

Jim Bradley Fitness Program
Join the 12 Weeks to Fitness (#12WtF) program and see the results!

What Gloves Should I Buy? 

Find out what gloves you should buy, what ounce you should
use and product information about our gloves.

Floor to Ceiling Balls

Best Focus Pads to Buy

Air Focus Pads

Mesh Bag Glove

Small Punching Bags

Punching Bag Chain

Leather and Tarpaulin Bags

What is a Cuban Pad?

Behind the Scenes of the Jim Bradley Photoshoot 
How to Speedball

See what muscles are being used when using a Speedball

How not to use a Speedball

What makes up a Jim Bradley Speedball

Jim Bradley Speedball Counter