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Punching Bags Domestic

by: Jim Bradley

Ideal punching bag for home use. This bag is made out of a highly durable vinyl material (not recommended for gymnasiums). The re-enforced circle strap disperses impact forces equally around the circumference of the bag   

A work-out on a punching bag is an excellent  strength and conditioning exercise, builds up aerobic capacity and improves hand-eye co-ordination.

We recommend that you use boxing bag gloves when working out on a punching bag

Our Domestic boxing bags come in red or black as standard and 3 sizes,

  • 80cm (3ft) Punching Bag
  • 120cm (4ft) Punching Bag
  • 150cm (5ft) Punching Bag

Installation chain and swivel not included

100% Australian manufactured

Wondering which bag is better suited to your home?

Shipping Time: 5-7 Working Days from Confirmation of Order 

Australian made Boxing Bag


Unsure what punching bag you need or want? Read our latest Blogs that explains the difference in punching bag size and material.

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