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by: Jim Bradley

Available for either 25 cm or 40cm speedballs or floor to ceiling balls in the 25-40cm range.

To ensure you order the correct size of bladder to fit your ball, measure the length of the bladder after it has been deflated.

 PLEASE NOTE: Due to supply issues we will only supply one bladder per order



How to inflate a Jim Bradley Speed Ball Bladder

  1. Unzip using a piece of wire (I use a paperclip to unlock zip allowing it to open)
  2. Use a pump with a needle (wet the end so it slides into valve)
  3. Remove needle and use wire to assist in zipping back up

Floor to Ceiling Ball Sizes:
40cm Bladder will fit both a 30cm & 40cm Floor To Ceiling Ball

Measuring Your Bladder:
When the bladders are not inflated they measure from top to base

(valve to tip)                                    


40cm = 29cm inflates to 40cm                                                                                           

25cm = 20cm inflates to a 25cm

How to Measure Your Bladders


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