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by: Jim Bradley

Limited stock - 1 per order only until end of November

Suitable for either 25 cm or 40cm speedballs or floor to ceiling balls in the 25-40cm range.

To ensure you order the correct size of bladder to fit your ball, measure the length of the bladder after it has been deflated. Please note that an old bladder can stretch a few centimeters over the years.


How to inflate a Jim Bradley Speed Ball Bladder

  1. Unzip using a piece of wire (I use a paperclip to unlock zip allowing it to open)
  2. Use a pump with a needle (wet the end so it slides into valve)
  3. Remove needle and use wire to assist in zipping back up

Floor to Ceiling Ball Sizes:
40cm Bladder will fit both a 30cm & 40cm Floor To Ceiling Ball

Measuring Your Bladder:
When the bladders are not inflated they measure from top to base

(valve to tip)                                    


40cm = 29cm inflates to 40cm                                                                                           

25cm = 20cm inflates to a 25cm

How to Measure Your Bladders


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