25cm Leather Pro Ball - Red

by: Jim Bradley

The Pro ball is made from hand picked, very light garment Australian leather, which makes it a very fast hitting ball. It has taken many years of research to find the right grade of leather to qualify as our Pro Ball. This handmade ball needs to be tested to be believed.

Anyone who is looking to increase their hits, this is the ball for you!

Our Proball is soft on your hands and light to hit. That is why its the fastest ball in the world.

If you like the best product on the world speedball market, this is the ball for you!

Shipping Time: 3 Working Days from Confirmation of Order - Red only

 Price does not include swivel.

  Tip: To inflate ball you need to disengage the lock on the zip with a piece of wire (paperclip will do)

Tips & Tricks PDF 




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