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Benefits of training with Focus Pads

Focus pads are flat, hand-held pads made of dense foam and covered in either leather or vinyl. They are great workout addition for anyone training in boxing, kick-boxing or martial arts.

Focus pads have become very popular due to their lower price, convenience and easy to use. Plus they can also make a fun and competitive workout for you and your friend or trainer. The idea is simple: your friend holds the pads while you punch into the centre of the pad. Together you can build offensive and defensive skills, sharpen reflexes and condition your body.

Using a focus pad can also help you to develop hitting skills fast, improve and refine your hitting skills as well as provide a less impact option to a punching bag. In fact, it is ideal to train with focus pads before jumping in and training on a punching bag, as it allows your tendons and ligaments to adapt and become more resilient. This allows you to work your way up to more demanding heavy bag training which will be harder on the body.

When using a focus pad you can either use boxing gloves or even the multi-function mitts or wrist wraps for a lighter touch. It is ideal to use something that supports your wrists as you are still creating an impact.

Different Types of Focus Pads

Let’s get down to what focus pads are on offer so you can work out which one is best for you. The following focus pads are all available from Jim Bradley and can be bought online.

Air Focus Pads
An Air Focus pad is a very popular pad for trainers as the air pocket in the centre provides a cushion for the person punching. A great pad to use for beginners.

Club Focus Pad
The Club Focus Pad has a curved face that provides high density padding for control and safety. With extra support between the face of the pad and the wrist there is minimal movement for the person holding the pad. It’s a very safe pad for anyone that is inexperienced using focus pads and providing resistance for the person punching.

Leather Focus Pad
As the name suggests the difference between this focus pad and others is that it is made from high quality genuine leather, with double stitching. It also has a curved face for control and safety, but the leather is much more fitted to the person holding it and provides longer wear and tear. Ideal for those who intend on using this on a regular basis.

Cuban Focus Pad
A Cuban Pad is a much smaller pad that serves two purposes. The first is that you can use it as a pad but then also use it to grab onto your opponent, such as in MMA. It therefore can provide a more interactive and engaged workout between the puncher and the holder. The second is that when you are working out with someone less experienced the smaller pad means they are virtually hitting dead centre, making it a lot easier on their hands.

Still not sure? Perhaps you should try the Focus Pad and Boxing Gloves pack as it is an affordable option to see if it’s for you. We sell the combo packs in both Men's and Women's options (1 size fits all).


Floor to Ceiling Balls. All you need to know.

For those unfamiliar with a Floor to Ceiling ball it is a round leather inflatable ball suspended between the floor and the ceiling by elastic cords. A regular workout including a floor to ceiling ball will give you a great cardiovascular workout, while also toning upper and lower body muscles and improving punching speed, defensive reflexes and overall agility.

The elastic cords that attach the ball to the floor and ceiling is what creates an instant rebound, making quick and precise reflexes essential.  The key to using the floor to ceiling ball is to relax and focus throwing punches where the ball will be, not where it is.

For beginners, start by standing in front of the ball and throwing one punch at a time using a jab-cross combo to build a rhythm as the bag rebounds back and forth between the punches. While working the floor to ceiling ball maintain a good stance and guard, keeping your hands up and retracting to cover the chin at the end of every punch.

Once you get the one-two perfected, start throwing a third technique like a hook or uppercut, allowing the floor to ceiling ball to hit your guard now and then as it begins to move in left and right arcs or up and down depending on your punches. This will help improve defence moves as well as add variety to your workout.
Once you can hit the ball with singles you can try one-two jab combos followed quickly with a cross. This will really make the ball fly back at you especially if you are beginning to hit it straight (which should be your aim).

Next, pick up the speed and power of your punches, and move about more, being mindful to maintain a good guard as the ball will rebound back at you with similar increases in speed and power.

How do I set up a Floor to Ceiling Ball?

You have two options. Either you can bolt the equipment  into the floor or you can attach the straps to a portable floor weight (20kg minimum needed).

Want to know more about how to set up your Floor to Ceiling Ball? Watch our video below.

Want to give it a go? Jim Bradley offer Floor to Ceiling Balls in Leather or Vinyl.

Looking to get fit for Spring? Join 12W2F

12 Weeks to Fitness (#12W2F) is a tried and tested weight reduction program by Jim Bradley. For over 55 years it has been used around the world by professional athletes, personal trainers and as part of weight reduction programs.


This 12 week daily program is perfect for cardiovascular training that utilises your own body’s weight. This training not only reduces soft tissue injuries but also means that no expensive or large equipment is required. When people used this training what they saw was incredible reductions in waist, hip and thighs.

The workout will always commences with Speedball, which helps relax the mind and body. This will be followed by a circuit of

  1. Push-ups
  2. Sit-ups
  3. Dips
  4. Squats
  5. Pull-ups

When training it is important to be as relaxed as possible. Straining is of no value. Training should be a form of relaxation- a chosen form of enjoyment, not a sacrifice of any sort. Think of the gains to be had by being physically fit and healthy, and being able to enjoy life to the full.

By joining the Jim Bradley Fitness program we will:

  • supply you with all information on how to do the program through our FREE training book
  • supply you with progress forms to record your performance and improvements
  • provide advice and critique on your performance, when asked
  • provide you with a support team through facebook where you can communicate with others also doing the program


Want to get started? Find out more here or watch our video below


Join the conversation #12W2F

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