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Speedball Counting The Beat

Jim Bradley Speedball Company are members of Speed bag forums online (speedbag is what speedballs are called in USA – they always have to be different)

The speedbaggers (and that’s what they are called) are always posting great video. Google and you will see how different it is to our style of hitting. They are a lot slower but can do amazing cool workouts using elbows, rifting the ball back and forwards at different angles (we are more mono directional)

The trend in the US is to workout to music using the rhythm of the speedball to sync with their playlist.

Over the last few years I have adopted this combination of workout and lifestyle hitting and for me it works. Most songs on my playlist are around 3 minutes so I have the same structure as when I use the counter but I find it more enjoyable and relaxing which has inturn improved my performance.

I play my Spotify playlist up loud on random select and its only songs like Don McLeans American Pie that goes for 7 minutes that gets me unstuck.

Each song makes me perform differently on my speedball, some don’t quite work out but mostly Im hitting faster and longer. Currently half way through the Jim Bradley 12 week program (download free online) and its all been to music, so for me it’s worked out and I cant wait to get home each night and do the workout, well mostly.


The reason why I wanted to write this is because we cant get out hands on those terrific counters anymore and unfortunately will be the case until some app is developed.

Im enjoying banging along to Rolling Stones right now (showing my age) but also enjoy British India and love doing the odd slow beat song single handed. Ha, its probably like coming out, admitting to all this,  but all I can say is try it and see if it adds a new dimension to your speedball workout.

In saying that;

If you are more a traditionalist and want me to let you know when we have a counter option please email me sales@jimbradley.com.au

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How fast can you hit a speedball?

 How fast can you hit a speedball? Find out in the Jim Bradley Online Speedball Competition

You may think youre fast on the speedball, but have you ever wondered how your speed compares to others? Well, now you can find out! Register now for our brand new Jim Bradley Speedball competition. To do this, go to the competition website and sign up here:


Once you sign up, the competition will automatically put you in a category according to your age and gender. It will then determine your handicap, ensuring that both females, males, kids and adults of all ages can compete in the competition on an equal playing field.


It’s simple. All you need is a Jim Bradley Digital Speedball counter, which is on sale right now


To check this out, along with our range of speedballs, visit our website here

Jim Bradley Speedball

For our competition, we recommend the speedball counter, as it is the best way to time your speed accurately.


Watch this video to find out how to install our digital speedball counter.


As you can see, this easy to install equipment, comes with a digital timer, which sets when you hit the ball. It then counts how many hits you make per minute. Our speedball competition has both a one-minute division as well as a three-minute division, for those who really want to push themselves. All you have to do is submit your scores and we’ll tally them for you. You can then see how you rate on the competition website. To do this, click ‘ladderboard’ to see the scores. If you score super high, we ask you to send in a photo of your speedball counter with your score visible as proof. You will then experience the glory of soaring to the top of the ladder! Until someone faster comes along that is. The key is to stay on top of your game! By practising for only a couple of minutes a day, we guarantee you’ll see an improvement no matter how fast you are to begin with. Currently, our top of the ladder score in the open league is 200 hits in one minute. If you think you can beat that, join the comp and get punching.


Watch this demonstration on how to use a speedball correctly. Handy hint: remember to set the speedball at the correct height – in line with your mouth and nose. This will ensure proper punching technique.



Speedball is a great exercise, and being an exercise with a minimal risk of injury, it is highly suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels to try their hand at any time. Practicing speedball is a great foray into boxing, and is also a great way to get fit and improve your focus and coordination in general. Aside from these benefits, using a speedball will also:

  • improve your strength and endurance
  • add definition to your shoulders and arms
  • increase your reaction time
  • improve your hand-eye coordination
  • improve your rhythm, timing and accurac
  • give you a great cardiovascular workout

 Not to mention, it’s a great way to let off some steam after a long day at work or school. You’ll also have fun doing it, and as an added bonus, you will end up with a knockout set of arms along the way. Not only that, the skills you will develop by practicing with a speedball regularly, are transferable to other sports, not just boxing. The benefits of this type of training as endless. Just remember, stay focused on the ball and build up your speed over time. You will watch your reaction times increase, and soon you’ll be hitting the rebound like a pro.


You can also register for our speedball competition as a group. If you don’t have a speedball counter at home, but there’s one at your gym, you can start up your own league for your gym. Just click ‘Private League’ on the website bit.ly/SpeedballComp and you can compete against other speedball fanatics online. If you own a gym, setting up a speedball competition is a great way motivate members by creating a sense of community, and adding an element of excitement and most of all, healthy competition to your gym. Members can see their own scores online and watch themselves improve over time. There is no greater incentive than improvement, and with the speedball competition, a visible improvement is a guarantee.

Speedball Beginner Classes.

Jim Bradley NOW offer Beginner Classes.

Using a Speedball is a cardiovascular and muscular endurance work out, perfect for all ages and all levels of fitness. Once learnt, Speedball becomes an addictive workout and when used with a speedball counter also makes it fun and competitive.To help you get started, Jim Bradley now offer beginner classes at their showroom in East Keilor (VIC).

In the class we will teach you the basics. You will learn how to set the speedball up to suit your height as well as learn how to hit the speedball for maximum results and enjoyment.

Most beginners learning speedball get a lot out of it, however if speedball is not for you then you will be refunded 50%.

Already know how to speedball? That is okay too. If you buy a Speedball Beginner Class Voucher we will train you on the next level so you continue to advance your skills and technique.

Speedball Beginner Classes run every Saturday and bookings are essential.

Once your beginner class is purchased online you will receive a unique voucher, which you must bring with you for your class. If you know how to speedball, then buy this as a gift for Christmas!


Buy a beginner class voucher here.



Looking to get fit for Spring? Join 12W2F

12 Weeks to Fitness (#12W2F) is a tried and tested weight reduction program by Jim Bradley. For over 55 years it has been used around the world by professional athletes, personal trainers and as part of weight reduction programs.


This 12 week daily program is perfect for cardiovascular training that utilises your own body’s weight. This training not only reduces soft tissue injuries but also means that no expensive or large equipment is required. When people used this training what they saw was incredible reductions in waist, hip and thighs.

The workout will always commences with Speedball, which helps relax the mind and body. This will be followed by a circuit of

  1. Push-ups
  2. Sit-ups
  3. Dips
  4. Squats
  5. Pull-ups

When training it is important to be as relaxed as possible. Straining is of no value. Training should be a form of relaxation- a chosen form of enjoyment, not a sacrifice of any sort. Think of the gains to be had by being physically fit and healthy, and being able to enjoy life to the full.

By joining the Jim Bradley Fitness program we will:

  • supply you with all information on how to do the program through our FREE training book
  • supply you with progress forms to record your performance and improvements
  • provide advice and critique on your performance, when asked
  • provide you with a support team through facebook where you can communicate with others also doing the program


Want to get started? Find out more here or watch our video below


Join the conversation #12W2F

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