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How fast can you hit a speedball?

 How fast can you hit a speedball? Find out in the Jim Bradley Online Speedball Competition

You may think youre fast on the speedball, but have you ever wondered how your speed compares to others? Well, now you can find out! Register now for our brand new Jim Bradley Speedball competition. To do this, go to the competition website and sign up here:


Once you sign up, the competition will automatically put you in a category according to your age and gender. It will then determine your handicap, ensuring that both females, males, kids and adults of all ages can compete in the competition on an equal playing field.


It’s simple. All you need is a Jim Bradley Digital Speedball counter, which is on sale right now


To check this out, along with our range of speedballs, visit our website here

Jim Bradley Speedball

For our competition, we recommend the speedball counter, as it is the best way to time your speed accurately.


Watch this video to find out how to install our digital speedball counter.


As you can see, this easy to install equipment, comes with a digital timer, which sets when you hit the ball. It then counts how many hits you make per minute. Our speedball competition has both a one-minute division as well as a three-minute division, for those who really want to push themselves. All you have to do is submit your scores and we’ll tally them for you. You can then see how you rate on the competition website. To do this, click ‘ladderboard’ to see the scores. If you score super high, we ask you to send in a photo of your speedball counter with your score visible as proof. You will then experience the glory of soaring to the top of the ladder! Until someone faster comes along that is. The key is to stay on top of your game! By practising for only a couple of minutes a day, we guarantee you’ll see an improvement no matter how fast you are to begin with. Currently, our top of the ladder score in the open league is 200 hits in one minute. If you think you can beat that, join the comp and get punching.


Watch this demonstration on how to use a speedball correctly. Handy hint: remember to set the speedball at the correct height – in line with your mouth and nose. This will ensure proper punching technique.



Speedball is a great exercise, and being an exercise with a minimal risk of injury, it is highly suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels to try their hand at any time. Practicing speedball is a great foray into boxing, and is also a great way to get fit and improve your focus and coordination in general. Aside from these benefits, using a speedball will also:

  • improve your strength and endurance
  • add definition to your shoulders and arms
  • increase your reaction time
  • improve your hand-eye coordination
  • improve your rhythm, timing and accurac
  • give you a great cardiovascular workout

 Not to mention, it’s a great way to let off some steam after a long day at work or school. You’ll also have fun doing it, and as an added bonus, you will end up with a knockout set of arms along the way. Not only that, the skills you will develop by practicing with a speedball regularly, are transferable to other sports, not just boxing. The benefits of this type of training as endless. Just remember, stay focused on the ball and build up your speed over time. You will watch your reaction times increase, and soon you’ll be hitting the rebound like a pro.


You can also register for our speedball competition as a group. If you don’t have a speedball counter at home, but there’s one at your gym, you can start up your own league for your gym. Just click ‘Private League’ on the website bit.ly/SpeedballComp and you can compete against other speedball fanatics online. If you own a gym, setting up a speedball competition is a great way motivate members by creating a sense of community, and adding an element of excitement and most of all, healthy competition to your gym. Members can see their own scores online and watch themselves improve over time. There is no greater incentive than improvement, and with the speedball competition, a visible improvement is a guarantee.

Learn How to Hit a Speedball.


While learning it is important not to make a fist or hit the speedball with your knuckles. Beginners who hit with their knuckles will quickly lose control and end up hitting the bag too hard or too fast. Hitting with the fingers will help you slow down the pace and get use to the rhythm. This is probably the best discovery for helping others learn how to hit the speedball.


Keeping your hands close will allow you to hit the ball without having to race your hands to it. If you let your hands get too far from the ball you’ll end up hitting it too hard and fast. So, try to remember that when one hand is hitting,  the other hand should be waiting right under the ball.


Your hand should travel in make small circles in the air when you hit the speedball. You’re not swinging your fists back and forth, you are making small circles in the air. You can even practice making small circles in the air to get use to the motion before trying it on the speed bag.


The best rhythm for beginners is to go right-right-left-left. This means hitting twice with your right hand, then twice with your left hand, and repeat. On the first hit, you use the front of your fist. On the second hit, you use the bottom of your fist. It should feel like a natural setup for when you switch to the other hand.

Some trainers will recommend going 3 times for each hand. It’s up to you.


You should not be in a boxing stance. Instead you should be standing square in front of the ball with both feet at equal distance from the speedball. Stand a little closer than arm’s length from the ball and move closer or further until it feels comfortable. Your eyes should also be level with the bottom of the speedball, but a little lower or higher is also okay.


Want to give it a go? See our range of speedballs here.

Still want more speedball advice? Watch our video on 'How to Speedball'.