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Benefits of training with Focus Pads

Focus pads are flat, hand-held pads made of dense foam and covered in either leather or vinyl. They are great workout addition for anyone training in boxing, kick-boxing or martial arts.

Focus pads have become very popular due to their lower price, convenience and easy to use. Plus they can also make a fun and competitive workout for you and your friend or trainer. The idea is simple: your friend holds the pads while you punch into the centre of the pad. Together you can build offensive and defensive skills, sharpen reflexes and condition your body.

Using a focus pad can also help you to develop hitting skills fast, improve and refine your hitting skills as well as provide a less impact option to a punching bag. In fact, it is ideal to train with focus pads before jumping in and training on a punching bag, as it allows your tendons and ligaments to adapt and become more resilient. This allows you to work your way up to more demanding heavy bag training which will be harder on the body.

When using a focus pad you can either use boxing gloves or even the multi-function mitts or wrist wraps for a lighter touch. It is ideal to use something that supports your wrists as you are still creating an impact.

Different Types of Focus Pads

Let’s get down to what focus pads are on offer so you can work out which one is best for you. The following focus pads are all available from Jim Bradley and can be bought online.

Air Focus Pads
An Air Focus pad is a very popular pad for trainers as the air pocket in the centre provides a cushion for the person punching. A great pad to use for beginners.

Club Focus Pad
The Club Focus Pad has a curved face that provides high density padding for control and safety. With extra support between the face of the pad and the wrist there is minimal movement for the person holding the pad. It’s a very safe pad for anyone that is inexperienced using focus pads and providing resistance for the person punching.

Leather Focus Pad
As the name suggests the difference between this focus pad and others is that it is made from high quality genuine leather, with double stitching. It also has a curved face for control and safety, but the leather is much more fitted to the person holding it and provides longer wear and tear. Ideal for those who intend on using this on a regular basis.

Cuban Focus Pad
A Cuban Pad is a much smaller pad that serves two purposes. The first is that you can use it as a pad but then also use it to grab onto your opponent, such as in MMA. It therefore can provide a more interactive and engaged workout between the puncher and the holder. The second is that when you are working out with someone less experienced the smaller pad means they are virtually hitting dead centre, making it a lot easier on their hands.

Still not sure? Perhaps you should try the Focus Pad and Boxing Gloves pack as it is an affordable option to see if it’s for you. We sell the combo packs in both Men's and Women's options (1 size fits all).


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What Boxing Glove Should I Use?

With over 10 different types of gloves, mitts and focus pads one of the questions we get asked the most is 'What Glove should i be using for boxing?'. This is a good questions because each glove, mitt or focus pads is best suited to different activities.

For general boxing, both in the ring and on a bag, one of the biggest mistakes a lot of people make is that they will purchase the cheapest pair of gloves. However, it is important that you are using a quality glove that protects your joints to not only minimal injury but also produce maximum results.

For this reason, Jim Bradley recommend two choices in boxing gloves.

The first is the Leather Bag Glove. This gloves curls around your fingers and provides plenty of padding for your hand. It also has strong wrist support to ensure your wrist remains straight with each punch for more power and less risk of injury.

The second option is even more supportive and is the Ounce Glove, also called the Leather Boxing Glove. This glove has even more padding and ensures that your thumb is locked into place. If choosing a Boxing Glove they come is different ‘ounces’ or weights. Gloves range from 8 ounce which is the lightest, right through to 16 ounces. For men we suggest a 12 or 14 ounce glove and for women we suggest an 8 or 10 ounce glove.

See the range of Jim Bradley Gloves.

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You can also watch the full video of Peter, the owner of Jim Bradley, talking through and showing the different gloves options.