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Punching bags. Expert advice on punching bag sizes.

 A punching bag is no longer JUST a ‘stock standard’ punching bag. From the material of the punching bag to the bag length, the choices in punching bags are becoming endless. But don’t worry, we have outlined some of the big ticket items that you should consider when purchasing a Jim Bradley punching bag.


Why use a small punching bag?

Our small foam lined punching bags are popular for beginners because the foam lining makes the punching bags softer than other options. The foam takes the impact of the punch and means that your hands are less likely to fatigue or become sore after your workout. That is the last thing you want when you are beginning!  

Smaller punching bags also tend to move around a lot more than their larger kicking and punching bags. This is actually a good thing for beginners because the motion of the moving bag can assist with their rhythm. To achieve this movement of the bag, you would ideally have 30cm of chain. This way the bag can swing in a nice pendulum, rather than in erratic motions.

The other benefit of the smaller bag is that you can feel and see the impact of your workout. With the small punching bag you can see the force of every punch, making it more popular and also a good way to track your progress.


Why use a large punching bag?

Large punching bags differ from our smaller ones most obviously in their size. The larger surface area means you have more space to work with for punching AND kicking! You could try visualising the bag as a body, and imagine punching or kicking certain areas that aren't available for you to access with the smaller bag.

Also, the large punching bag has a reduced swing rate after impact. Unlike the smaller bag which is prone to swaying, when using a large bag, its heavier weight reduces the amount of movement. This can be helpful if you prefer a stationary target.


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You can also watch our short video on the benefits of a small punching bag below.