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July 22, 2014

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Welcome to Jim Bradley Speedball

For the last 30 years we have been widely recognised by fitness enthusiasts both in Australia and overseas as an Australian manufacturer of the highest quality boxing circuit fitness equipment.

Our expertise extends to the design manufacture and installation of a variety of multi station boxing circuits and boxing rings.

We custom make 90% of our equipment and whilst we aim to ship all of our orders as quickly as possible, we appreciate your understanding that the Shipment Time Guides are there to ensure we deliver the best quality product.


We supply boxing gloves to speedballs and punching bags through to boxing rings.

If your a gym we can brand products with your logo.

If your a PT you can join our national program.

If your a boxing and fitness enthusiast, welcome to the top end of the market at low cost and great value. 

    Can you beat the world record in speedball hits? Only one way to find out...

    The record for speedball hits in one minute is 447 by Aussie, Mick Fabar. If you want to beat his record you might need help from the Jim Bradley Speedball Counter.

    The the perfect addition to your speedball workout, this innovative product can be fitted to any of our Speedball wall frames. Once set up this counter will turn your Speedball workout into the ultimate competitive sport.

    The counter is be fully customised and set to any amount of time. From 3 minutes to 20 minutes, the workout duration is entirely up to you. But, once you set it, there is no backing out…

    The counter only starts upon impact and only stops once you reach your desired time. Each hit is then recorded and displayed throughout the workout so you know exactly how hard you have worked, or how much you are improving. This truly is a speedballs best friend and a great way to track progress on your workouts.

    With only a few in stock, make sure you don't miss out!

    View our Speedball Counter here or Watch our Youtube Video on how to use the Speedball Counter.